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Welcome to Tlos Yakapark Trout Restaurant Cafe & Bar


The site is described as "about 40 kms. Away from Fethiye, and is beautiful". The British scholars visiting the region in 1 842 wrote about Tlos as follows: The city is built on the summits of very high hills. Surrounded by steep cliffs and deep valleys, itoverlooks part of the entrance to the Xanthos valley.
The city was discovered by Sir C. Fellows in 1838. Texier reports: it is in the north 'of Xanthos, reached in six hours on foot and at the distance of a day's journey from Makri. It is a province under the auspices of Mugla. Close to the village of Doger, it is beautifully positioned, within an old fortress, at an altitude of 300 meters from the surrounding valleys,'overlooking and Xanthos plain.It has a wonderful panorama." Pinara may have a great splendor, but Tlos is even more attractive with its extraordinary panorama. Another interesting feature at Tlos is the sound of flowing water underneath the theater on the right of the present rood It, is possible that there was a water source in this region for the theater. It is a fact that all researches visiting this| antique city agree that Tlos has an extraordinary panorama. Some of the drinking water of Fethiye is provided from the Kizgolu in this area.
It is one of the 6 big cities of Lycia Federal Union and "sports center" of the union. It is known as the city in which Mythological hero, Bellaforonte, known with Pegasus with his horse with flying wings. It is determined that it is the oldest city of Lycia region and founded before 2000s B. C. via archeological excavations. Its graveyard, established over natural rock of city acropolis, is decorated with most beautiful house type tombs. It is known as king type tomb dated century B. C. in Necropolis is devoted to Bellaforonte How to get there: Some travel agenciesrun daily trips to Tlos, if you want to be little more adventures you can hire a moped for a day (1 hour ride).